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Barber Hire offers a diverse range of services including plant and equipment hire, earth moving and excavation, warter carting, land clearing and vegetation revegetation, road grading and maintenance, heavy haulage and more.

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Plant and Equipment Hire

We provide graders, loaders, water trucks, tippers, prime mover, 4×4 support vehicles for both long and short term assignments. All equipment is available for hire with operators supplied.

Earth Moving and Excavation

We supply experienced machine operators and earth moving equipment for all types of earth works, including the removal of a variety of materials.

  • Civil earthworks
  • Mining earthworks
  • Dam construction
  • Landscape contouring etc

Water Carting Services

We provide water based dust control and dirt suppression services on earthworks and construction sites. Our 22,000 litre and 10,000 litre water trucks can deliver commercial quantities of water to remote areas that do not have access to a water source.

Land Clearing and Revegetation

We provide land clearing and revegetation services including land/site clearing, fire break clearing, vegetation removal, vegetation control. For exploration industry clients we provide track and pad cutting services, as well as ripping and soil replacement to encourage revegetation.

Road Grading and Maintenance

We provide a grader hire service for the grading of access tracks, roads, fire trails and private driveways. Our services also include minor road repairs.

Haulage and Transport

We have drop deck trailers, road trains and tippers rated to 120 ton at our disposal. We can help you with hauling:

  • Earthmoving machinery
  • Mining machinery and equipment
  • Heavy industrial components
  • Building and Construction Materials